Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love is in the Stamp!!

During my random searching of some of our favorite bookmarked blogs I just stumbled across these! OMG. These are the coolest stamps we have seen in a long..long time. When the United Postal Service gets it right you don't have to spend oodles & oodles on your custom stamps. (Which I hate to say not that often). Hats off to Jeanne Greco who designed this wonderful pair.

Mary Beth's heart goes pitter-pat when she comes across a well designed stamp and I'm sure this one will stop her in her tracks. It is her dream that we will one day be commissioned to design a stamp. Until then we'll have to get our fix by supporting those that do it well!

Attention all brides! Rush out and buy as many of these as you can for your invitations. They will go with any style and are wedding palette friendly. Want to read more about the designer and her concept behind the design? Go to our friends blog at Mohawk Paper, Felt and Wire for more discussion.


  1. Thanks for the good word. I am the designer of the new USPS Love Stamp. I am pleased that you will be using these on your envelopes!
    My website:

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